Private Coaching


  • Precision: Live goal-setting sessions.
  • Individual: The coaching, progression and training plans are built for and evolve with you
  • Convenient: All workouts are easily accessed via the training app and designed for the time, space and equipment you have access to.
  • Correct technique: There are video tutorials of each exercise in the app and a simple way for you to measure personal progress
  • Guidance: video technique checks.
  • Clarity: know exactly what to do every day.
  • Accountability: regular assessments, progress tracking and goal management.
  • Solid and enduring results: progression is the dish, variety is the spice


Monthly: NZ$155 / US$99 per month

Quarterly: NZ$295 / US$185 for 3 months

Biannually: NZ$535 / US$345 for 6 months

Kettlebells 101 Workshop


In this 2-hour practical course, you will learn the fundamental principles, safety rules and techniques of kettlebell training, including how to handle the kettlebell correctly for different exercises, what kettlebell weights are best to use, how to engage your core and butt, how to keep your lower back, shoulders and knees safe, and correct training posture.Whether you are just starting with kettlebells or want to improve what you’re already doing, this workshop will remove the guesswork and eliminate any confusion about kettlebell technique and handling, kettlebell training styles, exercises, progression and much more.What can you do after completing the workshop?We recommend taking our Beginners Class, where you will learn the correct technique for all the foundational movements while getting functionally stronger, fitter and more mobile all over. Once you are competent in the fundamentals – Squat, Deadlift, Swing, Press, Clean, Turkish Get Up, Snatch – you will have an option of joining Intermediate Class.


2 hours


$150 – Private 1on1

$97 – group session at Silo Park, Corner of Jellicoe st and Hamer st, Auckland

$57 – Online Group session


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