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Correct technique and high quality of movement are KEY for efficient, safe and effective training.

KBA classes aren’t like most group fitness classes.

In a typical fitness class:

a) Workouts are random and sporadic, no structured programme – this means slow progress, structural imbalances in the body, on-and-off motivation, lack of mastery.

b) You are mostly left to your own devices – this means ineffective training and injuries

In Kettlebell Academy classes:

a) There is a carefully constructed training plan that is adapted to the participants, with the overarching goal of creating a strong, resilient, energeic and balanced body. Every week, every workout, every exercise has a purpose that serves the bigger objective. Throughout each 12-week MacroCycle, we conduct regular assessments and provide individual recommendations. This means continuous visible progress, structurally balanced body, solid motivation, and ever-increasing mastery.

b) Your technique is constantly observed by your coach – this means powerfully effective, safe training and an injury-proof body.

The result?

Our members enjoy solid steady improvement, long-lasting motivation, confidence in their movement quality, enhanced mobility, better posture and low risk of injury. They gain skills and knowledge about their bodies that serve to maintain their progress all life long.


Class Timetable:

Time: Auckland, New Zealand time (GMT +12)

class timetable

Recommended Equipment: Kettlebells*

Women: 8kg, 12kg and 16kg

Men: 12kg, 16kg and 24kg

*Don’t yet have your own kettlebells? A set might be available at the studio for your first month of home training.

Want to buy some kettlebells? Check out these stores:

Equipfit – use promo code KBA to get 10% off

Elite Fitness – with every $150 kettlebell purchase, you receive a complimentary 90-minute kettlebell technique session.

Recommended space:

Lie down on the floor. Perform a starfish. That’s ALL the space you will ever need for all your kettlebell training.

Monthly Membership Includes

Kettlebell Academy Training App

Access to all class workouts for that week – never miss a day of training even if you miss the class.

Timed, voice guided workouts, available 24/7 from your mobile.

Track your progress, sleep, steps, body measurements, nutrition, goals and more

Technique videos for every exercise

Individual technique feedback – live in class and via video messaging

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Trial class: free

10-Class Pass: $195 (3 months)

Monthly Memberships:

Group Coaching Online ONLY

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