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Kettlebells 101 Workshop

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In this 2-hour practical workshop, you will learn the fundamental principles, safety rules and techniques of kettlebell training. Whether you are just starting out or have used kettlebells before, this workshop is the first stop to increase your skill level and knowledge about kettlebell training.

What can you do after completing the workshop?

Join Kettlebell Beginners Class, where you will learn correct technique for all the foundational movements while improving your strength, mobility and endurance.

Time: First Saturday of every month. 10:00 am – 11:30 am

Location: Little Shoal Bay Playground, Birkenhead, North Shore Auckland

Duration: 90 minutes

Price: $99

Early bird (booked 30 days in advance): $69

Kettlebell Sport Prep Programme


Weekly Class + Home Workouts.

Begins: 21 November 2020
Break: Xmas holidays for 2 weeks
Ends: 27 February 2021

Where: Little Shoal Bay playground, Northcote

When: Saturday, 7:00 am

Price: $235 for 12 weeks

Class Timetable:

class timetable

Online Classes: ZOOM link is HERE


Technique and progression are KEY for enjoying a healthy, functional and strong body for life.


Our members see steady improvement, long-lasting motivation, confidence in their movement quality, enhanced mobility, better posture and reduced risk of injury. They gain valuable skills and knowledge about health and fitness that serve to maintain their results all life long.


Casual class: $30

Concession x 10: $210

Concession x 20: $380

Monthly Memberships:

Group Coaching Online ONLY


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