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Ekaterina (Kat) Tabakova grew up in the Soviet Union / Russia and currently splits her time between Israel and New Zealand.
Kat grew up in an active family of avid readers where parents inspired the children to care for their bodies as well as their minds. So, despite participating in many sports, (springboard diving, ballroom dancing, ice skating, cross country skiing, Powerlifting, Crossfit, Kettlebell Sport), Kat has always placed fitness in a supporting rather than a primary role in her life.
The primary role has always been the development of the mind and the living of a life, not the training in the gym. The correct type of training actually supports these objectives, not opposes them.
Hence, kettlebells, bodyweight and fitness minimalism.
Kat’s ultimate passion is to help people who want to live life outside the gym – as well as fellow ‘geeks’ – to achieve and sustain optimal health, strength and fitness in the most efficient, sustainable and antifragile way possible.
Kat reads voraciously on the topics of anatomy, physiology, psychology, personal change, strength and conditioning, rehabilitation, nutrition, philosophy and economics. She took university courses in Behavioral Science, Cognitive Therapy, Exercise Science, Anatomy, Physiology, Weight Loss and Holistic Health.
Kat is a Certified Strong First Level II Kettlebell Instructor, IKSFA Girevoy Sport Coach, Olympic Lifting, Strength and Mobility Coach, Jump Rope and Bodyweight Callisthenics trainer, and Precision Nutrition Coach.
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Minimalism – do what works, discard the unimportant.

We are what we habitually do. The compound effect of small daily habits consistently repeated over a long time is what makes a body, a character, a life.
Form follows function. Focus on maximizing your body’s health and ability and an athletic look will be a natural byproduct.
Competition is competition and training is training. Making training into a competition is failing at both.
Every master was once a disaster. Making mistakes and looking foolish is the currency of progress.

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