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Kat Tabakova (full name Ekaterina Gabrielle Tabakova) is a Strength and Conditioning Coach, StrongFirst and IKSFA Kettlebell Instructor, Calisthenics Coach and Movement and Performance Therapy Specialist. Kat lives in New Zealand and coaches worldwide.
Fitness Minimalism is a philosophy in which you focus your training time on a small number of carefully selected and optimized activities that strongly support things you value – lifelong function, health, strength, mobility etc – and then happily miss out on everything else.
Certified Auckland University of Technology Level 4 Personal Trainer

Certified StrongFirst SFG Kettlebell Instructor (Levels I & II)

Certified RehabU Movement and Performance Therapy Specialist (Levels I & II)

Certified RehabU Mobility Fundamentals Coach

Certified Auckland University of Technology Group Fitness Instructor
Certified IKSFA Girevoy Sport Coach
Certified Crossfit Gymnastics Trainer
Certified Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach
SINISTER Hardstyle Kettlebell Challenge – first and only New Zealander to achieve – 2019
Kettlebell Sport National Record in Snatch – 2019
Kettlebell Sport National Record in One Arm Long Cycle – 2018
Crossfit Australasia Regionals – 2013, 2014
Powerlifting North Island Championship – 1st Place – 2008
For all that I am, I stand on the shoulders on giants. Some of them are:
– My parents, Ludmila and Vladimir Tabakovi for making learning and health a priority and being an example of hard work, commitment and perseverance,
– My English tutors in Russia, for making learning English language fun.
– My Jewish Sunday School teachers, for instilling a love of Jewish culture and making my childhood magical.
– My middle school English language teacher, Janna Alexandrovna, for believing I can do better and not settling for mediocrity.
– My Senior College of New Zealand teachers: Economics teacher Mr Cahill, Chemistry teacher Mr Frank Liu, English Literature teacher Ms Beresford – for making me fall in love with the subjects I was learning in my second language.
– My Business Ethics professor Ross McDonald – for passionate thought-provoking classes and recommending amazing books.
– My first fitness profession mentor, Matt Newey – for sense of humour, drive, care for his clients and being a great role model.
– My StrongFirst instructors Fabio Zonin and Shaun Cairns – for sharing their vast knowledge in a fun and accessible way, and patiently answering all my questions 🙂
– My friend and mentor, Nutritionist and Author, Maria Middlestead – for being an amazing human, role model and friend.
– Mai-Linh Dovan of RehabU for teaching me the foundations of applied evidence-based physiotherapy and diagnosis-inclusive rehabilitation.
– all the authors of the hundreds of books that taught (and continue to teach) me so much. I am grateful to be living in the world where we have access to so much knowledge, and I try to pay this gratitude forward through my YouTube channel Kat’s Kettlebell Dojo, my Instagram Kettlebellacademynz, my blog and my coaching practice.

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